An Update For Our Customers – Increased Project Lead Times

As the days start to shorten, and Autumn appears on the horizon we wanted to update you all on our progress since we resumed operation in June.

We are delighted to say that thanks to the fantastic support of new and existing customers we have had record months of enquiries in June and July, and August has shown a similar trend.

Manufacturing and Processing Times 

As a result of the sharp increase in orders, coupled with lengthened manufacturing and processing times from our supplier (one in particular has extended timings from 6 weeks pre-lockdown to 16 weeks post-lockdown) we are experiencing longer than hoped for turnaround times from order placement to completed installation.

We wanted to assure all of our customers with orders placed with us that we are doing everything we can to ensure estimated timings are met, and wherever possible we will, as ever, do what we can to fit in with individual requirements.

Start Planning Now

If  you are considering getting a new project underway, please note that for some projects we are working on lead times of 12 weeks plus, so please bear that in mind if you are looking to plan an Autumn project.

As ever, we are always happy to hear from you, whether it’s to talk about a new project, or to get an update on a current order.

Get in Touch

Whatever you need us for, you can simply call our friendly team on  020 8449 4747  and we’ll be happy to help.

Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.