Autumn: 3 Reasons Why it’s a Great Time to Get Started on that Window and Door Project…

The nights are drawing in, it’s getting chillier, and the leaves are beginning to turn. Autumn is here, and while you may think it’s time to batten down the hatches, start getting ready for Christmas (sorry for mentioning that word in October), and a Winter hibernation, here’s why I think it’s a great time to get that replacement window project underway…

1, Warm and cosy       

You might just start remembering the feelings you had last February. Your windows are draughty, they might be single glazed, and you’re shivering under the duvet on a dark Winters morning. A month later, it’s brighter, it’s warmer, and the problem has gone away, it’s easy to forget and leave it for another day. But now it’s getting colder again…

So, now’s the time to act. Don’t go through another winter like the last one. Give your central heating a bit of a rest, it’s not going to need to be working so hard once you have top spec A+ energy rated windows and doors installed.

The draughts will be a thing of the past and you won’t be dreading the chilly dash to the bathroom every morning. Place an order for your new energy efficient windows and doors now and make your home snug and cosy for the Winter.

2, Condensation misery

Another annoying characteristic of older, less efficient glazing is that it can be a magnet for condensation. I’m sure many of you suffer with condensation and are sick of the constant mopping up of puddles every winter morning, and the common issues of blackspot mould that this moisture can bring.

Modern A+ rated double (or triple) glazed units are so efficient that the internal pane of glass is far warmer than on older, less hi-spec units, or single glazed windows. This means that condensation can be greatly reduced, and often completely eradicated, doing away with that daily headache.

Ventilation is obviously key, too. But a modern highly efficient window, combined with some additional ventilation tricks like the night-lock position, or trickle vents, can make your damp issue a thing of the past. Another reason to act now and start your window project soon.

3, Plan the installation to suit you

Now, I’ve mentioned two great reasons above to act now, and to get your windows replaced before it gets too cold. But I often meet customers who are very wary of work like this taking place during deepest Winter.

Rest assured that our installation teams are trained to work with each of our customers individually to make sure that the process of installation is as smooth as possible, even during bad weather, and to keep all disruption down to an absolute minimum. We can tailor the installation order and timings to suit you, so that you’re not having to put up with a house that’s exposed on 4 sides during a blizzard.

The other option that you have is to delay your installation. Are you thinking that a Spring project sounds more appealing? Then why not act now, get fully prepared and take your time to customise the project to suit your needs perfectly, then simply sit back, wait for the more clement weather to arrive, when we can come in and carry out the installation.

As a small, family-run business, we pride ourselves on that personal approach. We’re flexible to your needs and will do whatever we can to suit your requirements.

Ready to find out more?

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