3rd December Showroom Re-Opening

An Update For Our Customers – 
3rd December Showroom Re-Opening

Firstly we hope you are all keeping well through this second lockdown.

Thankfully, we have been able to operate pretty much ‘normally’, with our entire team following the strict procedures that we have had in place since May, to keep everyone safe.

The only exception to that has been the showroom, which has been closed. We’re happy to say that we will be re-opening on the 3rd December working on the same  ‘appointment only’ basis (Monday-Saturday) that we have been using for a while.

This allows us to ensure that you can have sole use of the showroom during your visit, and help us maintain safe distancing.

Please get in touch with Tommy on 020 8449 4747 or tommy@barnetwindowcompany.co.uk if you would like to schedule a visit.

If you are planning a project for next year, please bear in mind that we are currently booking some projects in for installation in early Spring, so now might be a great time to start thinking about your new windows and doors.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a home visit from Tommy.

Entrance Doors Installers, Barnet, Herts

Virtual Tour

We’ve also been looking at an alternative way for you to view the showroom, so we’ve created a high-quality virtual showroom, to allow you to explore our product range from the comfort of your own home.

You can see our new showroom additions including the new Steel Replacement range from Aluco.

So, feel free to have a wander round the showroom remotely, and if you’d like to arrange a visit in person, or to discuss an upcoming project, please get in touch.