Energy Saving

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Energy Saving

We are proud to provide our customers with windows and doors with the very highest standards of insulation available today, and to be helping to keep energy and warmth where it should be, inside your home keeping you and your family warm and cosy.

Our extensive experience and knowledge means that we are well placed to advise the best way to insulate your property to the very highest standard. Using a combination of specialist energy efficient glass, Argon gas filled sealed units and high tech insulating spacer bars we can offer you the very highest accredited ‘A+’ rated energy efficient windows available so that you are keeping the heat inside your home, saving money on your heating bills, and doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

80% Reduction in Heat Loss…

At the Barnet Window Company we are passionate about saving energy

According to the Energy Savings Trust an average home can lose as much as 20% of its heat through the windows. On older buildings, with original, single glazed glass, this figure could well be much higher. By upgrading your windows to our ‘A’ Energy Rated products you can help to reduce this figure, in fact, tests have shown that you can reduce the heat loss through your windows by almost 80%.

So, the obvious benefits of installing new highly efficient windows are clear; keep you and your family warm, and save money (and the world!) while you are doing it. But there are other benefits too. You will also notice a marked difference in the noise insulation, as our new windows block out the sound, and also the gaps that may have previously let the sound in through your old windows. Condensation can also be greatly reduced as the internal pane of glass is far warmer than the original single glazed pane. Condensation can cause unsightly mould around windows which can be difficult to keep clean.

Modern technology, but still traditional looks…

But how about if you are in a conservation area or a listed building, but still want the benefits of modern insulation standards? Well all is not lost, more and more often these days our traditional timber alternative products are being accepted in conservation areas where the thought of installing modern UPVC windows and doors would’ve previously been considered heresy.

Local authorities are slowly but surely coming round to the fact that we can replicate beautiful original timber or steel windows in other materials, with the additional benefit of low maintenance and our high insulation standards. Don’t forget the option of secondary glazing either. We offer a full range of different styles to suit every property, and ensure that you can easily access the primary windows for maintenance, cleaning and ventilation.

There are also other things that you can do to help with the overall insulation of your home.
Take a look at the Energy Savings Trust website for more information on things like roof and cavity wall insulation. And there’s always the old failsafe of thick curtains to help keep your heat in and the cold winter nights out.

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